Influence of action you take or situation you face

Influence of action you take or the situation you face affects your life. Let me tell you how and why.

“Everything has positive and negative consequences.”

-Farrah Fawcett.

Let me tell you about the consequence now. Then I will explain how it affects your life. The point is now what the consequence is. It’s the influence of any action you take or any situation you face in life. Life builds upon whatever action you take, and it takes a new turn on how you handle a situation.


What happens when you take or perform an action? What can it give you? It can give you positive consequences and negative consequences. Let me clarify it with an example.

Example to show the influence of action

Let’s say you will go for an evening walk. It’s an action you are now going to perform.

What positive consequence you can expect from it? You can expect blood will circulate more in your body, leading to wellness in the long run.

What negative consequence you can expect from it? If you walk faster than what your heart conditions permit, then your heart will need to pump more blood leading to excessive heartbeats per minute. It may cause heart failure too.

Now the point is if you overthink the negative consequence, you will stop walking. It will lead to illness in the long run.

So right now, what should you do? You should keep your heart conditions in mind, focus on the positive consequence, and go walking. Then only you can benefit more from a walk.

My experiences of a crisis

Let me tell you what I experienced in a crisis I faced in life. I sincerely want no one should face such a situation in their life. You must have read about it here. The accident of my elder son caused us many sufferings you can not imagine. If I give the details here, I will go back to the time of pains in 2016. It’s not good for me as it will recreate the feeling of what I felt in crisis. So I stop telling negative consequences here.

But you can ask me now,” Did it give you some positive consequences?” Yes, it did. In short, the accident changed our way of thinking. The fact that life is uncertain, so live it fully and help others is our present way of thinking.

Moreover, I learned a few life skills for five months when I had to stay alone at Asansol, West Bengal. Why did I stay alone? Because my wife was taking care of our son at Nagpur for three months and at Kolkata for two months. Even I did not know how to operate the Micro oven or washing machine. I did not know how to iron my items of clothing too. I feared to wash the dishes so on so forth. You may laugh at me. But I don’t hesitate to confess it now.

I emphasize now that I learned the skills in the period.


Every action or situation can give you positive and negative consequences. If you focus more on the positive ones, you will have more positive experiences. Because what you focus grows in size. The more positive experiences, the more you succeed in life.







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