Forget to thank- A poem


Forget to thank is my way.

Let me tell you why?

When I take honey, I like;


Why do I forget you?

When I have dal and rice, I like,

Why do I forget you, farmer?


Still, how can I lose sight of you,

When I eat mango, I like it in summer?

When I put on a shirt I like,

Why do I forget you, weaver?

When I take fish, I like,

How could I think no more of you, fisher?

Can you tell me why?

Then all of you say together

” Let’s tell you why,

Because you are a guy

Who has a heart

That falls apart

To give thanks.

Even you fail

to give thanks

To your wife

who serves you the things you like.

So how can you thank us?

Still, if you want to thank us,

first, thank your wife;

If then, we come to your mind

Then give thanks to us.”

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