Why improve your skill and self-esteem

Skill brings success. Self-esteem brings confidence. Why improve your skill and self-esteem? Let me tell you why.

My younger son used to talk about his examination results in a unique way. Let me explain it here.

As usual, we, the parents, were very much eager to know his score soon. So we asked him how well he had done.  Then, at every turn, he would tell first the names of students who had scored lower than him. At last, he would reveal his score.

Still, we wanted to know who had scored better than him. Do you know what he would do then? Every time, he would explain like this.

He had scored as per his skill. Still, he knew that he did not score so well what we expected. If we could know who had scored better than him, we would not feel great for sure. On the other hand, he would feel low too. So he would tell who had scored lower than him. On saying so, he could feel that he was much ahead of so many students in scores. As a result, he could feel high. And his self-esteem went up. This is how my son improved his skill and self-esteem. So he scored higher in colleges. Now he is researching at Virginia Tech University, USA.

The above episode speaks a lot about scoring. If you want to score high in the examination, I will point out the two things for success.

  1. Continuously enhance your skill.
  2. Continuously improve your self-esteem.


How to increase your skill

  • Make a schedule of study.
  • Prepare and study as per the schedule.
  • Learn new skills in your leisure time.
  • Develop yourself continually.
  • Thus increase your skill continuously.

How to increase your self-esteem

  • Accept and love yourself as you are.
  • Never focus on negative thoughts about yourself.
  • Never use bad words about yourself.
  • Don’t judge, blame or criticize yourself. Instead, do everything to feel high.
  • Praise your every effort and pat yourself on your back.

You can read more at the link here

So let’s improve our skill and self-esteem.

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