The address of the right time


I know you keep lying –

That you love me

Still, why I felt so forgotten?

Why I felt so ignored?

I am the time.

Why not work on time,

Leave all your jobs half-done?

Why do you forget all the plans?

At the end of the day

Mountains of work

accumulate at the desk;

You are afraid of heavy work!

The moon in the sky peeks

into the canopy of palm trees,

Sways in the air

and plays hide and seek;

The witness is the calm night of autumn.

Everyone knows the basket you hold tight

is filled only with memories of the past

Or thoughts of the future;

There are no flowers of  beautiful “NOW.”

“NOW” is the right time-

The root of all excellence.

So love the time, love the time NOW.

NOW is the address of the right time.

Even after knowing that address

How many get that address?

Even if they reach it

How many know and follow

its exact nature and meaning!

Right Time


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