A shepherd

When the bright sun cannot invade

the thick leaves of the banyan tree,

the pure air shows his smiling face.

So the shepherd sleeps

in peace under the tree.

So does the cow sleeping

next to him and his flute.

The air conditioning machine cools

Off my body in a multi-storey house

But, tires me with its poisonous  air

I dream a day-dream-

As if I have become a shepherd

Returning home after rest

under that banyan tree

Playing the tune of flute,

that maddens the surroundings

I wake up, and I open the window

My chest gets swollen in fresh air

The melody of the flute

still rings in my heart and ears

In my heart, I am a shepherd on a dirt path.

He ignores the frown of that path

Moves forward firmly on the way of life

And  can sleep peacefully under

the rough trunk of the tree

The tune of the flute alleviates his sorrow

He follows the life philosophy

of a shepherd in his heart.





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