Good thoughts you think makes you feel good

Good thoughts, you think, make you feel good. I am sure you will understand when you read this post.

Thoughts and emotion

What you think is your thought. The thought starts when you pay increased attention to something, whereas an emotion forms when something causes you to feel. How does one relate to another? A thought can make an emotion. But the reverse is not valid. Why so?

When you cry your heart out, you forget to think. But why so? Because at that point, crying has filled your brain. So not many thoughts can enter it. The same thing happens when you enjoy the moments thoroughly. Once you do so, you feel good. Now the point is, what can make you feel good? Good thinking can do so.

“If you are feeling good, it is because you are thinking good thoughts.”

―Rhonda Byrne.

good thoughts

Exploring further

Let’s say, right now; you pay full attention to how to help your neighbor who is in need. So you think good thoughts, and you intend to do good deeds for him. When your thoughts and intention are right, then nothing can stop you from helping him. So you help him. As a result, both of you feel happy. It’s a single instance where your good thinking has made both of you happy.

You can read here how helping others help you too.

Let’s imagine you now throw a ball to the wall of your room. What will happen? The ball will return to you. A similar thing happens when you think good thoughts and do good deeds. Let me clarify. Think that the ball you throw is made of your good thinking and good deeds. So the same ball will return to you and give good results of feeling good.

If you throw such good thoughts to the universe all the time, the universe will return them in making more feel-good experiences for you.


So your good thinking makes you feel good. It’s the key to your wellness and happiness. If we want to build a better world, let’s take the pledge to think right and do good to others.

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