Heart rate- Why it is important for you

Heart rate. Do you know why it is essential? Please read the post; you will find the answer. One of my friends burns around 500 calories on walking and treadmill daily. Then he posts a selfie in our whatsapp group. Thus he keeps himself fit. You may find the details in my earlier post – Self-discipline-How to impose it in daily life? It inspired another friend of mine who followed the same footsteps. The wife of my other friend inspired my friend to purchase a treadmill. Finding no alternative, my friend started running on it. So he also burns his calories on the treadmill. It shows that off-late my healthy and stout friends have become very health-conscious. I am proud of them.

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But  I read it somewhere what should be our minimum and maximum heart rate. As far as I remember, if I am 60 years old, then the maximum heart rate allowable for me is (220 – 60)* 70/100; that is 112, and the minimum is ( 220- 60)* 50/100, that is 80. In other words, I must exercise with a heart rate between 80 and 112. Why am I sharing this information? I thought it would benefit my readers. Any exercise increases our heartbeats. So when you exercise, please keep watch on your beats per minute. Don’t overexercise. Why? Then your heart will do more number of pumpings. Thus you may damage your heart. You must keep your heart rate within the maximum limit.

Heart rate
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