Attachment – What it brings

Attachment. What it brings. Please read the post and have an idea.

The fishermen were catching fishes in a lake. One kite and many crows were hovering over the lake. Each of the birds was searching for the opportunity to snatch a fish. The kite thought that if it could capture a small fish, it would find happiness. It’s an attachment. So, it swooped down, picked a small fish at once, and flew fast. The crows cawed, rushed to it at once, and chased it. As the kite moved here and there, so they chased it too with a harsh cawing. It annoyed the kite. It thought about how to get rid of the reach of crows. So it dropped the fish. As a result, the crows stopped chasing the kite at once. Do you know why? They hunted for the fish, not for the kite. No fish, no chasing. In the end, the kite finds peace.

When it dropped it, it detached itself from it, and then only the crows stopped chasing it. Finally, it found peace and happiness.


Similarly, when we human beings attach ourselves to a worldly thing, then we have to take some actions. Thus we merely chase an illusion of happiness in it. But we never achieve it. Unless we detach ourselves from it, we don’t find pure joy and peace.


tambattru / Pixabay


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