Think and act to avoid problems in life

How do you create difficulties in your life? Some of them are you can not control. But few are within your control.
No, I am not talking about the difficulties that natural calamities or any accident cause. Yes, you can not control them. I now speak about the problems you make yourself how you create those problems. You do so either by how you act, respond, or by how you think.

think and act

How you act

Let’s focus now on when you act without thinking.

Suppose you now cook some items for three persons. But you added salt required much more than the three persons. What will happen? No one could take food. Here you acted without thinking. So the problem arises.

How you respond

Let’s focus now on when you respond reactively. Suppose your wife has served a dish for you. Unfortunately, you took it and found it to be bitter with salt. So you threw it. As a result, your wife stopped talking to you. It worsened your day. Here you spoiled your day with your reactive response.

When you think but don’t act

Let’s focus on when you keep on thinking without any action.
You can find many people who think about the jobs at hand but hardly take any action.
As a result, the jobs pile up day by day because of their inaction.

Moreover, whatever you think and focus grows. When you harp on the small issues, again and again, they grow to become large. With no action from your end and your thought process, you make these problems in your life. So they bring misery to your life.

You will see some people who have a habit of thinking much. What do they think? They think about how they will do the job. They will even imagine how they will feel after they complete it. In other words, they find comfort in useless thinking, but they hesitate to take any action because of their mindset. The only job they do is to keep on thinking. As a result, they worry much. In the long-run, health issues disturb them.

There’s a wise saying that goes like this.

Most of our problems in life are because of two reasons.

  1. We act without thinking.
  2. We keep thinking without acting.

So think and act to avoid problems in life.


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