Start with why to inspire your team for action

Start with why to inspire your team for action. Let me tell you why.

Right now, why do I write this post? I do so to inspire you, all of my readers, in such a way that you start with why. What do I mean to start with why? I mean that you think, act, and communicate with why. Once you do so, you decide fast. As a result, you succeed in whatever you try. When you read this post till the end, you are sure to get the point.

Now the question is how I will inspire you. For that purpose, I will first clear the air about the concept of the Golden circle developed by Simon Sinek. He is a great author and motivational speaker. Once I do so, for sure, I will inspire you. What is it? What was the old idea? Let me explain it here. You can learn from this video here.

Old concept

The conventional thinking uses this old concept. It starts with what. Here the leader thinks, acts, and communicates first with what, then with how, and finally with why. When he asks these questions, he receives lots of pieces of information. As lots of information take much time to process, he can not make sound decisions at once. It’s a way of thinking from the outside to inside. You would not believe, the best efforts the leader makes don’t assure success.

Concept of the golden circle: Start with why

But the golden circle operates from the inside out. It means the leader here starts with why. So he first wants to know the purpose and belief of the team he leads. Once he knows it, then he knows what inspires the members. Then he finds how the product they make or service they give is different, how others will gain from it. When he does so, he inspires his team to achieve it.

Start with why


The conventional thinking starts with what, then how, and lastly, what. It’s what-centered thinking from the outside to inside. Here leader gets too much information to process. So it makes decision making difficult.

The golden circle concept starts with why, then how, and lastly, what. It’s why-centered thinking from the inside out. The result is fast decision making and a very inspiring team.

So let’s start with why and change the world.

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