Subconscious mind helps you to execute your plan

The subconscious mind receives your plan and helps you to execute it. Let me explain it with a story.

The problem with my car

Recently it happened to me. I faced some problem in driving my car- the issue of the clutch. So I requested the service engineer at the service station to do necessary repair. He checked it thoroughly and told me,” Yes, the car has some problem when you press the clutch for a long time. Right now, we don’t have any spare parts at our end. When we buy them up, we will inform you to send the car to us. As for now, the servicing of the vehicle is due, so please get it done now.”

Then, I said, “Please arrange first to buy them up as early as possible, then change the spares and service it. I need to go to Kolkata after three weeks.”

He added, “Lockdowns, corona crisis has delayed the supply of spare parts. So it may take a longer time. Right now, it’s better to get it serviced so that further damage can not happen to your car.”

I received the car after service. Then I started driving in the locality and faced no problem. But when I went for a long drive, I met the same issues. So I again requested the service engineer to bring the spare parts as early as possible.

Problem versus my subconscious mind

Two weeks passed, but I did not receive any call from the service center. So in the third week, I chased them several times for spare parts. My chasing irked the service engineer. So he stopped picking my phone. When I lost my patience, one lady picked my phone. Then I raised my voice and firmly told her the details. I added, “If the service center can not resolve my issues in the coming week, I shall complain online; in addition to it, I will post a copy of the complaint letter on twitter, Facebook, and other social media.”

Then it worked like a miracle. Soon, the service engineer rang me up and requested me not to do so and finally assured me that the spare parts would reach next Wednesday. To my surprise, he rang me again on Monday and said, ” The spare parts have come. So please send the car on Tuesday.” So I sent the car, and they repaired it.

How the subconscious mind works

By telling this story, I want to emphasize the fact that If you want something from the core of your heart, then your subconscious mind sends some energy to the universe. Then that energy brings some situations before you so that you can get it. You can read a similar post here.

subconscious mind

Why does it happen so?

Let me explain my case here. Then you will understand it.

As I badly need the car to be repaired before I go to Kolkata, so I repeatedly chased them. I knew that if they could not do so, and thus I drive it, it may cause an accident.

Whatever you do in the awake stage, you do it consciously. When you do something, again and again, it engraves in your subconscious mind. Am I right?

When I chased it several times, I did so with my conscious mind. Then my repeated actions and intense feelings affected my subconscious mind that began to execute the repair.

“Once the subconscious mind accepts an idea, it begins to execute it.”

-Joseph Murphy.


If you want to accomplish something in the future, then think hard on it and make a detailed plan for doing it. After that, consciously do things over and over. Once you do so, your subconscious mind receives your plan and executes it.

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