Tiredness you feel comes mainly from your mind

Tiredness we feel comes mainly from our minds. Yes, today, I will be talking about how we get tired.

Sometimes you work hard enough to do some jobs. Now, either your body or your mind wants them to continue no more. So then you take a break and take rest. It’s the genuine tiredness you feel. To be sure, you will agree that you feel so tired on rare occasions.

Apart from this tiredness, there are many ways when you feel tired.


Tired in time of coronavirus

These days are the days of coronavirus. For the last six months, everyone is tired of staying home. Last Sunday, my wife and I got inside my car. Then I drove my car to NH2 and roved there for one hour and came back. It’s not real tiredness we felt. Why does it happen? It happens when you feel fed up with the present state of life.

An epic routine of my son showing his tiredness

Right now, I am going to tell you about how my younger son felt tired in his early school days. Probably he was then in Class-I. Do you know how he spent his study time? Most of the time, he kept himself busy playing football or reading storybooks in his study room, no matter what we told him to do. His habit made us tired. Then we made a routine for his study so that he spent more time on it. Still, it did not improve. Then I wanted him to make his routine so that he will follow it. Then he agreed to make it.

I got relieved when he sat for making it and completed it in one hour. After that, he came out of his room to show it to us. Then we tried to read it. What did we find there? We found that it’s made of two pages. It’s too long to tire us. So we got tired of reading it. Why so? It read like this.

Get up from my bed,

Go to the washroom

Brush my teeth,

Wash my hands and face;

Then take a break for 10 minutes.

Study for 10 minutes.

Take my breakfast

Then to take a break for half an hour,

Read storybooks for one hour.

Then to take a break for half an hour.

Study for 10 minutes

So on and so forth.

When we added his study time, we found it to be hardly one hour a day.

Playing football or reading storybooks did not tire him. Reading textbooks bored him.


What interests you does not make you tired. The opposite makes you tired. I want to emphasize that mostly we feel tired from our minds.

Then how to get rid of this tiredness? Try to learn new things until you find interest in them.  Once you find it, then you have many options. How so? If one thing tires you, then switch to the next item of your interests. Thus you can take control of your tiredness when you explore new things.

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