Time you spend with right people makes your life

Right people are vital to you. When you spend time with them, you sure to feel great.

Time is everything. If well spent, it can make your life. If ill-spent, it can break your experience.

The most crucial point is your life depends on how well you manage and spend time. Spending time with the right people makes your day.

My experiences with the right people

I recall an incident that will justify it. In 2018, I attended an outbound leadership program our company arranged at Peerless resorts, Mukutmanipur, on the bank of the beautiful dam reservoir. You can read the details here.

It was a three-day program on leadership. The trainer who trained us was an ex-army man of military leadership. He designed and conducted the program. But the way he introduced himself and ourselves inspired us. You know explaining leadership is challenging. But he made it simple and exciting. How did he do so? He shared his experiences in military missions he took part in, including the Kargil war. The other days he advised us to play games to explain leadership. How he finished every session in time and how well he spoke on the subject surprised us. We enjoyed the program with the right people. One of them is the trainer.

Wasting time

Let’s say you think that you have plenty of time to spend in the way you want. If you do so, then one day, you will realize in your old age that you could not do so many essential jobs due to a shortage of time.

Time is limited

What happens When you think the opposite.  Then you believe that time is limited, so you understand the importance of the life that is nothing but a period. As a result, you spend it in the right way. It’s the way when you don’t waste time; instead, spend it with the right people.

Right people

Spending time with negative people

Let me give some examples to clarify it. Let’s say one of your distant relatives has come to your place. He is the type of person who does not find anything useful in his society. So he finds faults with his wife, son, and even his parents. Out of his habit, he starts criticizing your habits, behaviors, and attitudes. So he continuously pours poison words into your ears. Unfortunately, you can not avoid him. As a result, you spend your day with a person who spoils your day. When you come across many such people in your life journey and spend your time with them, to be sure, your life becomes miserable.

Spending people with the right people

Now imagine that the revered Maharaj of Ramakrishna order has initiated you. So you visit the Ashram and interact with the monks regularly. In other words, you spend most of your time with religious persons. Then what will happen to you? The moments you spend with them will make your life. Then your life will be a life of worth.

Similarly, when you spend your time with your spouse and kids in the best healthy way, you lead a positive life.

I must close with this beautiful quote.

“There’s only one thing more precious than our time, and that’s who we spend it on.”

-Leo Christopher.


So spend your time wisely. Spend it with the right people. The more the time you spend with the right people, the more you feel happy.


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