Excellence you want comes from your excellent habits

Excellence you want in life comes from your excellent habits. Let me tell you why.

Daily habit

You know you have to brush your teeth in the morning. So you do it day after day. Do you forget to do it even for a single day? No, you do it every day. No one reminds you to do it. Why so? It’s become your habit.

What’s a habit?

The Collins Dictionary defines it as “something that you do often or regularly.” It tells about how a habit forms. Whatever you do repeatedly becomes your habit. Once it becomes your habit, you don’t need any motivation to do it. With time and effort, you develop many habits.

The most important fact is that your habits can make you or break you. How so? You become what you do out of practice. If you form excellent and successful habits, you become successful. You can read more about the habits of successful people here. When you have developed lots of bad habits, then you are sure to suffer a lot. Once you give up those habits, your sufferings will go away.

So you need to take care of when you form your habits. Now how you will take care. You need to know what you want to do.

How excellence relates to habits

If you want to excel in all the fields of your interests, then you can not do so by chance. You have to take suitable actions. It’s easier to say but difficult to take such steps. Why so difficult? Because you have to repeat these actions whether you like or not. But you can not do so unless you plan on how to act daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. If you stop here after planning, then you will not succeed. You have to take pains to implement it fully. Once you do so,  then you grow your habits of excellence. Then you will excel in the areas you want. Excelling will become your habit. Then, excellence will be the order of your days.


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”


So when you want excellence in life, then go for making excellent habits.


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