Perfect life you chase makes you unhappy

“Nobody’s perfect, so don’t go out there and try to act like you got to live a perfect life. Be yourself, and be happy with it.” -Khris Middleton.

They say no one is perfect. Then the person who is not perfect can not live an ideal life. Do you agree with me? If you don’t, then let me explain it.

Perfect life

What do you mean by a perfect life? It’s a life free from any flaw or mistakes, or you can say it’s complete and beyond practical or theoretical improvement.

perfect life

Imperfection of body

If you observe your own body, then you can find that one of the paired limbs you have is not symmetrical with the other limb. It means that your body has some defects.

Imperfection of mind

If anyone takes pride in living such an ideal life, to be sure he tells lies. Let’s go to his mind. Can he give a guarantee that his thoughts that come from it are flawless? So he does not make any mistakes in life, or he does not fail in what he does. If he is honest, he will agree that it’s not true.

What you think most of the time is what you believe. You become what you think and feel. So when your thoughts and beliefs have some faults, your life can not be a perfect one.

When you go for a perfect life

If you want to live like the most successful person in your society, then you will make a mistake. Let me tell you why? Because his life is not perfect too. But you have spent your time and energy living someone else’s life. And you achieved less. What did you get in return? Your moral went low.

What to do

So what to do now?

Please don’t try to be perfect. Try to be yourself. Then try to develop yourself in the fields you love. Be your better version, then love and accept yourself as you are. When you work for yourself, you feel happy with yourself and your life.


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