Large picture that you see helps you to handle a challenge

Large picture that you see helps you to handle a challenge. You will understand when you read the post.

“If you cry because the sun has gone out of your life, your tears will prevent you from seeing the stars.”

-Rabindranath Tagore.

When the Sun rises, then the day starts. When the Sun sets in the West and goes below the horizon, the night begins. Then you view the stars in the dark sky. It happens daily. When you like to see the large picture of every day, then the night does not stun you.

But unlike you, some people can see only the part or small picture. What happens to them? They startle when they face some challenges in life. Let me tell you why? They can not see the large picture, the stars in the sky, or the opportunities in front of them. So how can they succeed in life?

large picture

How I saw the large picture of the challenge and handled it

In this context, I like to mention a challenge we faced in 2014. You can read the details here. When I checked the documents my son would produce at the examination center at Kolkata, I found that the admit card of class -XII was missing. Without it, he might not be able to sit for the Joint Entrance Examination.

Bringing it from Asansol, which is 240 km away from Kolkata, to Kolkata in time gave us a big challenge. It stunned us too. We felt that the Sun of our life had gone below the horizon all of a sudden. So we found no light before our eyes. But we did not sit for crying. We lost no hope. So we could see the large picture. Once we saw so, we could see every detail. So we could find the stars that brought rays of hope.

large picture

My elder son and I hired a taxi at night to bring back the admit card before the examination started in the morning. Finally, we succeeded.

Learning points

If you analyze the above challenge, you will learn that you can not handle it unless you see the large picture, as well as you keep your cool. Once you see it, you can see the opportunities that hide in the challenge. So you succeed in the end.




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