Lockdown period


LockdownLockdown extends

Still virus spreads

Lockdown extends

So I move less.

Walls lock me

Still, not so powerful

To lock my mind

So mind escapes the window

Visits my mother

At my native place,

Next moment goes

To my younger son

In Virginia, USA

Flies to Noida,

Where my elder son

Stays and works from home

white bird flying over the water during daytime

When such a virtual trip ends,

I feel so tired

So I need some rest

So I sit cross-legged

Keep my spine erect

Follow how I breathe in

And how I breathe out.

Thoughts come and go

But I don’t go behind them

I just follow my breath

So I can take rest

Beat my physical

And mental barrier

Recharge for the next

Phase of lockdown

Let's learn together

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