How much connectivity you will use in your life

It’s an age of connectivity. You can not take a step ahead if you have no connectivity. What does it do? It receives or sends data. What data do? The data help you to connect with information, social media, tools, machines, or person (s).

The new age of connectivity

People use search engines to search for the right information useful to them. So if you want to learn something, then you can read a book or article online. Sometimes you take the help of youtube to make a new recipe. Even you chat with friends on social media and so on. You occasionally run robots for help, and so on. Thanks to technology. It has made it possible.


So you have stopped the visit to book stores now. But do you know a visit to book stores ensures you two things? First, you communicate and connect with the storekeeper, and next, you purchase the book? Am I right? So when you connect to a book online, you inevitably miss the connection with the storekeeper.

Similarly, when you go out and mix with friends in your locality, you can observe their physical gestures, expressions, and emotions. So you connect with your friend well. Why so well? You interact with your body, mind, and soul. But when you join on social media, you miss such an opportunity.

True connectivity

In other words, the new age of connectivity made us live in a virtual world. It’s a world where you don’t find the connectivity of your body, mind, and soul. The real world has beautiful seas and rivers. When you sit on those beaches and banks and spend many hours enjoying their beauties, then your body, mind soul get refreshed. It is called true connectivity. You may like How to connect your body with the Mother Earth?


Do you know how Jagadish Chandra Bose- the great scientist connected with trees and plants? He used to talk to them before he invented the Crescograph.

Do you know a few people in rural India can predict rainfall if they look at the sky? How do they do so?  Regular connection with Nature has raised their awareness. So, they connect well with the sky.


In this age of connectivity, you can gather knowledge and information very fast. You can see and talk to your relatives or friends who are a thousand kilometers away from you. But you don’t find time to connect with the best creations of Nature. Even you can not connect with yourself. So you know everything. But you don’t know yourself. Nature does not attract you. So you don’t know Nature too.

Call to action

So take the full benefits of new-age connectivity. But don’t forget to connect with yourself and Nature. Strike a balance between connectivity with technology on one side and connectivity with yourself and Nature on the other side.


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