What if I forget

Better world

What if I forget

The post I hold,

The country I reside,

the caste and creed

I have?

What if I forget

Unethical behaviors

on my part?

Then I cross the boundary

of the country, caste, and creed

Once I do so

I become so powerful

with no limits.

Then I can connect well

with the whole world

the whole of humankind.

I love the world and humankind.

So what happens then?

I see my brothers and sisters

In people of the world

What if you forget too

What I forget?

So what happens then?

Then you and I join hands

to make a better world

Then you will help me

When I need

I shall help you

When you need

So we will tackle

the crisis together

So let’s make a better world.

Let's learn together

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