Happiness you feel helps you to forget time

Happiness you feel helps you to forget time.  Let me tell you why? You become happy or unhappy for many reasons. I shall not discuss those reasons here. Instead, I shall explain what happens when you become happy or sad. So what happens? When you become so delighted, time appears to move very fast. So you forget the time.


On the other hand, when you become unhappy, time seems to move as slow as a tortoise. So you can not forget the time.

The lockdown has locked all of us in our residence. So we have suddenly lost our rhythm. The news that we see makes us sad. So the day becomes long for you and me.

But what you and I can do now? You and I must find reasons to be happy. Now how to find those reasons? You need to become creative. To become creative, first, stop seeing that negative news. If you don’t stop seeing the news, your mind gets agitated. Once agitated, it can not create. So you try to refresh your mind first. How will you do so? Either you do some exercises or practice mindfulness for half an hour. It will open the door to creativity. Then you can sing, dance, write, or draw. Even you can see comedy movies, solve crossword puzzles, and so on. It will certainly boost your happiness.

You will find pleasures when you share jokes, old photographs, and happy moments with your friends. Design your time in such a way that you can enjoy every moment of the day. When you enjoy it, you become happy. Then you forget how fast time passes.

So enjoy, be happy for this moment.



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