Walking on the tight rope exercise at home

Walking on the tight rope, you can think of now. What happens when you walk. When you step on the rope, you don’t think about other things. Why? You know that if you do so, you will fall. To avoid falling on the earth, you also know that your body and mind are 100 % alert and present on the rope. So you can not escape the present moments at all. If you do so, you will fall.

tight rope walking

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In other words, the present moments improve your consciousness at once.

Similarly, when the wave riders surf on surfboards, they become so conscious of the present moments. If they slip of present moments even for a second, they fall on the sea.

person riding on surfboard with waves behind

Walking on the tight rope, sea surfing, or any other adventurous activity makes you alert of the present moments. Each exercise improves your awareness at once.

You can not practice these activities all the time. So I recommend a simple exercise here about how you will raise your awareness at home.

Draw a straight line on the floor with the help of a piece of chalk. Think that it’s a tight rope you will walk on now. Start strolling from one end of the straight line. Be aware of how you position your leg, how you balance your body, how you breathe, and so on. Notice how you keep your hands while walking on the line. Continue walking till you reach the other end of the line. Practice twice daily. Please do this exercise for a month and check your level of awareness. It’s simple but helps.

So, walking on the tight rope exercise at home helps all of us.

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