Intervene any emergent situation urgently

Intervene in any emergent situation urgently. Let me tell you why? An emergent situation you face brings many problems at a time. So what? You must solve them at once. Why? When you don’t do this, the situation will worsen. You will lose the battle. If you want to win it, you have to intervene urgently.

intervene urgently

When you intervene urgently?

So any emergency, like this present pandemic, exposes you and your team. What does it reveal? It reveals the true capability of you and your team. What do you mean by true ability? It shows the values, character, and skill to tackle the crisis. What do you mean by a team? It may be your family, your workforce, your state, or your country.
If your learning mode is on, you can know who your well-wishers are.  Apart from it, you can see the strength and weaknesses of your and your team well.

What to do when you face criticism? If you encounter any objection, then take it in the right perspective of constructive criticism, maintain your calmness, and take suitable actions deemed fit to improve your and your team performance. You may like my post Constructive criticism-How it fueled my life.

How a team performs at its best?

Do you know how a team performs at its best? It does so when you give them the best resources, the best infrastructures, the best training, and the best motivation. So what to do as the best team leader? You make necessary infrastructures and resources available to them, train them, discipline them, and motivate them.

In a crisis, you know your worth too. Your worth depends on how you tackle the crisis with your strength and skill. Yes, you may need the skill of being grateful as well. So you like my post Attitude of gratitude- My life learning

So please intervene any emergent situation urgently

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