Smiling-What I learnt from my son ?

Smiling- How does it help you? The post will answer this question.

My son always smiles. Believe me, when you take out a photograph randomly from our old family album, you will see him smiling in the picture.

Speaking with a smiling face is quite natural for him. He takes food smilingly. Even he greets a stranger with a smiling face. When he goes for a medical check-up, the doctor asks him some questions relating to his health. A smile spreads over his face, his eyes brighten, and he gives answers to these questions one by one.

Go and check out his Facebook profile. You will fail to see a picture without a smile.

Smiling at a tough time

Can you imagine how he was looking when he was entering the dining hall of his hostel with the help of walker? His colleagues and teachers knew that the doctor would release him today after a significant operation of his right leg. So everyone was watching him. He surprised them with his smile, though he was feeling so much pain on walking. His smiling face speaks the quote of Santosh Kalwar silently like this.

” Nothing shakes the smiling heart.”

So he attended his classes, prepared and appeared for the final examination with so much pain in legs. He conquered his problems with a smile.

What happens on smiling

When the smiling muscles of your face contract, they generate more endorphins in your brain. So your brains feel happy. The happy brain, in its turn, sends a signal to the facial muscle to trigger smiles. To put it differently, when your brain feels happy, you smile, and when you smile, your brain feels more joyful.

Do you know my wife and I always feel happy in his presence? Why? When he smiles, he induces smiles in us. So we start smiling and feeling merry.



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What I learnt from him

  1. When you smile, you feel happy
  2. You feel happy; so you smile
  3. Smile induces a smile.
  4. A smile comes when you hope for the best.
  5.  A smile shows you have high strength.
  6.  So you remain calm and confident inside.
  7.  So problems pose no problem for you.
  8. You conquer at the end.

How to practice smiling

Stand in front of a mirror and smile to your image. Practice till it becomes your habit. Fake it till you make it.
Why don’t you stop here, smile, and read the post? Thank you so much for stopping by.


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