You can do it. But why shall you do it?

You can do it. But why shall you do it?

Similarly, I can do it. But why shall I do it?

Why shall I blame you? Why shall I praise you?

I can hurt you. But why shall I hurt you?

I can love you. Why shall I love you? Can you answer these whys?

Yes, you and I can do everything.

You can blame as well as praise others. Right? But I know you have conditioned yourself in such a way you shall not blame others now. Why? You take 100 % responsibility for all events of your life. They may be either from the past, the present or from the future. So the only option you have is to praise others. Why praise? You always see good in others. So others also see good in you. As a result, you build up a strong relationship with others.

Similarly, you can hurt others. But I believe you don’t hurt them. Why don’t you do so? You think that what you give to others returns to you. If you beat them, they will beat you too. So you love them so much. They also love you too. As a result, all of you heal together when we love.

Do you know who you are? You are who see the positive side of everything all the time. So you see the world and life more beautiful. And you people make this world a better place to live.

Let’s join hands to spread positivity. You and I can do it.

Let's learn together

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