Language of love- Can everyone read it?

Language of love. What is it? Can an illiterate person read it? Yes. Anybody can read it. Even a baby can do it as well. The present post shows how it helped me to make a silent mark in the hearts of my beloved employees.

Two days back, the employees of Wagon repair shop of shops- my earlier department invited me to lunch. Banshi-the employee who is going to retire in this month hosted it. Before lunch, the employees arranged a farewell. Everyone was speaking about him in the farewell gathering. I also spoke a few lines about him. When everyone pressed him to talk about something, then he recollected an incident and spoke about it. It related how I saved him from the punishment given by my junior on the day of incidence. He could feel the compassion I showed to him. So he could not forget the incident. But I forgot about it, as it was not necessary for me. So it touched his heart, and he spoke about it. It surprised me.

What happened in the past

Banshi was an illiterate and unskilled employee. But he used to clean the floors of wagons in the shop with so much care. One day my junior ordered him to clean the floors fast. But he could not do it so. He probably disobeyed him too. So, to punish him, my junior sent him to the spot where the volume of cleaning jobs was tighter under the hot sun. He advised him not to take food until he completed cleaning.

Nobody told me about the incident. During my shop visit in the afternoon, I found that Banshi was missing from the shop floor. I at once inquired about him, by saying, ” Where is he?” His colleague said, ” Sir, he has been sent to the yard to clean the derailed wagon. Do you know he has not taken his food till now?.”

I went to the spot and advised him to follow me to the shop floor. After that, he ate food. I immediately called my junior to my office. I said, ” If anybody disobeys you, certainly punish him. But not in an inhuman way like this. Am I clear?”

Learning points from the incident of the language of love

When you deal with a human being, behave appropriately with him. His behaviors know a man. So what to do? Use compassion in every dealing. When you do it, your transactions and acts show the language of love. Then you can win the hearts of people you face.

So love and love all. Express it with a smile on your face and love in your heart. Why? To win the hearts of others and make this world a better place. Thank you so much for reading this post.


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