Interaction- How did I learn its true meaning?

How did I learn the true meaning of any interaction?
Today morning I met an employee who worked in my earlier department. He was deployed to the Traffic department twelve years back. I asked him how he is now. His face brightened when I asked him about the general wellbeing of his family and his sons and daughters. How days are going for him? His expressions changed. He said,” I did not meet you for a long time. After I talk to you, I felt very good.”
My learning point is, when you start interacting with someone, please ensure that he feels elated when you finish. What will happen then? Both of you feel happy.

How to do interaction?

When you relate to others, please start with them. Use the language they understand, discuss the common interests and pay attention to what they say. It will help you to make a mark in their minds. Only then you can enter their minds. Once you entered their minds, you have two options. Either you make them happy or make them unhappy. Do you find meaning in making them happy or making them unhappy? I know you find meaning in making others happy. I also do.

Call to action

Take every opportunity to relate to others. Make sure to give it a happy ending. Then nobody can prevent you to build a happy society. Let us join hands and build a happy society.


Let's learn together

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