Satisfaction of your workforce improves productivity.

Do you know the Satisfaction of your workforce improves the productivity of your shop? Then how to improve the satisfaction of your workforce? If you don’t know what factors improve the satisfaction of your workforce, then how will you motivate them?

Many factors play their roles in it. I shall mention only six factors here.

Achievement and satisfaction

If you keep small but challenging goals before your team and they achieve them, then their satisfaction level goes up. They feel proud of their achievement.

If you find new ways to break production targets into small goals that challenge as well as interest them, then you are on the right track of leadership. Only you must make the right situations so that they make more achievements.

Recognition versus satisfaction

Any sort of recognition satisfies your workforce. It may be in the form of praise, small gift or pat on the back when they achieve their goals.

When you hear him patiently about his personal as well as work problems, then you recognise him as your team member.

If the workman faces some problems and you help or support in solving his problems, then you are doing your part. You are giving him sufficient recognition. As a result, their satisfaction level goes up.

Work itself

You like most of us believe that your workforce generally hates jobs. It’s not true. You can test it. Call the worst workman to your office and advise him to sit idle from tomorrow. Advise him not to perform his routine jobs from tomorrow as well. After two or three days, the workman will ask for jobs. You sometimes ignore the fact work itself motivates your team. If you make the work more interesting, meaningful and challenging, the workmen find meaning in their jobs. It boosts up their satisfaction level.


The workmen don’t take much responsibility. I don’t agree. They find satisfaction in taking more responsibility. Praise the best performer in public for his achievement and see his reactions. If you approach him for giving more responsibility, he will happily accept and do it in the best possible way. When you give more responsibility to someone, then you give more recognition to him. More the recognition, more the satisfaction.


Do you know any advancement in knowledge, skill or status in the team plays an important role in improving satisfaction level? How does it do? If you give proper coaching and training to a team member, then you only help him in improving his knowledge and skill. As a result, he improves his knowledge and skill and feels more satisfied.

Similarly, when a team member performs his jobs with 100 % responsibility and dedication and advances in his team or career, then his satisfaction level goes up. He works more and more.


The jobs that give more scope of growth attract you. You find them more interesting, more challenging and more fulfilling. So you give your best in jobs and feel more satisfied.

You as a leader have to create the right and conducive work culture so that your workforce feels satisfied and engage more in jobs. They produce more.


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