Visible leadership makes impact in workplace

Visible leadership makes an impact in the workplace. Can you give an idea? Suppose you lead a team in the workplace. How will you make your leadership visible in the workplace? You can do it by performing these activities.

Visit the areas of workplace periodically

Ensure to visit every sections or area of the workplace. If necessary, make a routine of the visit. During the visit, you talk to everyone. Don’t leave anybody. Thus, you can make your presence more felt.

Speak to the people about their work for visible leadership

Ask how they are doing. Are they going as per the target? How are their team performing? How can things be done better? In this way, you can make leadership more visible.

Know things about people for visible leadership.

You can use one to one interaction in your office. Ask them about their backgrounds, qualifications and basic skills. Do they have any special skill?  What are those skills? What are their interests and hobbies? More you know, more you are visible.

Praise in public for visible leadership

When any team member has done a good job, don’t hesitate to praise him in public. Then ask him what he had achieved in the past. If you make this habit, then you motivate them better. As a result, they see a good leader in you.

Use icebreakers in one to one interaction

Use suitable icebreakers so that the team members can talk about their mistakes and successes. Then They not only share their thoughts and feelings with you but also trust you more. Consequently, it makes your leadership visible.

Share the management information

Use notice boards, posters and so on to share the management information. Explain the things to them till they understand them correctly. Then they see the better version of leadership in you.

Monitor housekeeping, safety and working conditions

Dispose of unused items and litter from the shop floor. Clean the oil spillage on the floor immediately. Make the toilets more hygienic. If you do the above jobs, you avoid unsafe conditions as well as improve the working conditions. It helps in boosting the morale of the workforce. Thus you make your leadership more visible.

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