Do things under your responsibility.

Do things under your responsibility. Do the things you are responsible for. But why? Because you can’t succeed by doing the jobs under the responsibility of others. The following discussions prove it.

Recently in the Indian Premier League, the different cricket teams play at the playground. Its administration has fixed some rules and regulations for the matches. It also arranges a playground for every match. All teams have to play their best cricket within these set rules and regulations.

In other words, the league administration is responsible for making its rules and giving the playground for the players. They can’t make the players play their best cricket. On the other hand, all teams are responsible for how best or worst they play on the playground. They can’t change the set rules and regulations. They have to play cricket within these rules. When each player of the team focuses only on the cricket and gives their best, the team wins. The supporters enjoy.

What does it happen when the players of the team don’t play with the cricket ball but play with rules of the cricket? They don’t focus on the game but on the loopholes of the rules. They make use of those loopholes, appeal to the umpires with aggression and get the opposing player out in an unsporting way. This goes on even to the level of snatching the crucial decisions in their favour.

Cricket of life: Your responsibility

Similarly, each of us is responsible for playing the best cricket of life. Your only business is playing the clean cricket of life. You can’t blame God for the bad pitch or bad umpiring in our lives. Some times you face the bouncer of problems one by one. You don’t have any control over those problems. But you have to go on. You have to tackle those bouncers successfully. You have to live a successful life. Live a simple but clean life. Enjoy every moment of life.

What to focus, what not to focus?

Sometimes you don’t like the attitude and behaviour of your boss. Even you don’t like the working conditions of your work-life.  You can term these things as the rules and regulations of the industry or industrial culture. Since you don’t have any control over these cultures, don’t focus on them. Instead, focus on your jobs at hand. Focus on the things you can control.  For example, you take responsibility for your productivity, creativity, self-development so on. So you focus on them. What you focus grows. So each of your productivity, creativity or self-development improves. You succeed at the end of the day.

What does it happen when you focus on those cultures? You misbehave with your boss who in his turn misbehaves more with you. Thus these cultures grow. then you simply waste your productivity as well as your creativity.

What to do?

So focus on the things you are responsible for. Do the things you are responsible for. Why? Your success depends on how much you take responsibility.

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