Self-motivation does not make you tired.

Self-motivation does not make you tired. Am I right?

Do you feel tired in spite of your good health? If you fall sick, you may feel tired. Sickness due to sugar, any other disease or mental depression may give you tiredness. In other words, when you are sick you will feel tired.

I am not talking about tiredness arising out of the above sickness. I am now talking about your tiredness when you are in good health.

Probably you lack self-motivation. How do you say so? Because you have lost interest in your day to day activities. The jobs seem boring to you. You don’t find any reason to complete your jobs in the best possible way. So you feel tired. Your low self-motivation causes these effects.

What is self- motivation?

It is the driving force within yourself that drives you to do your things. So give your best in things you do. As a result, you achieve your goals and dreams easily.

What are roadblocks to self-motivation? How to remove them?
How to motivate yourself all the time?
In order to get the answers to these questions, you must read the post to the end.
More the self-motivation, less the tiredness.

Roadblocks to self-motivation and remedy

1. Setting no goals or objective for yourself.

When you don’t know where to reach, you can’t reach there. As you set Goals you improve your self-motivation.

2.All sorts of negativity.

These negativities block the driving force of self-motivation. So, stay away from negative thoughts, emotions and actions. Keep yourself from negative people as well. Believe in yourself.


If you don’t love yourself, you make a bad self-image of yourself. In the end, you start self-pity and lose your motivation.


Fear is a negative emotion. It prevents you to go ahead in the journey of your motivation. So take only small steps. If you go to the first step and achieve your smaller goal, you can see the next step. The fear will vanish.


Setbacks may come. If you think too much for the setbacks instead of your objective, you are bound to divert your energy towards negativity. It only drops your motivation level. So when setbacks come your way, keep your calmness and reset your plans and goals.

Call to action

Use the above remedies to keep yourself motivated all the time. When you find your motivation, you don’t feel tired. Thank you so much for reading this post.




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