My shoes hurt and teach me lessons.

My shoes hurt and teach me lessons. But how? Please read the post. First, know how do they converse with me?

I say, ” As you are defective, so you are hurting me.”
My pair of shoes react at once, “How are you labelling me as defective? I may not suit the type and nature of your foot. You may have chosen the undersized shoes. I have not come to you. You have chosen and purchased me from the shop. How can you blame me now?

My shoes
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I may have some defects also as you claim. But I don’t have any control over those defects. God has given you dark complexion. Do you have any control over it? Do you blame God? Certainly not. My shoemaker has made me. He controls my quality. He may have made me not for you. So your foot does not fit into me properly. As a result, you feel pain on your thumb. As you feel pain, you can’t walk comfortably; you can’t focus fully on your jobs as well. Then you think for throwing me to one corner of your house. One day, you think to buy a new pair of shoes and replace me.

I know how the defect in me has done some crucial changes in my life. It does not help me to fulfil the purpose of my life. My only purpose is to serve the feet of a man or woman like you until my service period with great comfort. Once you throw me to one corner of your house, I can’t do it. I shall move towards the premature retirement of my service.

The appeal of my shoes

So I ask you not to throw me. Please help me to fulfil my life purpose.

If you really want to help me, you can do it. Don’t you think that I may fit and suit someone with my defects?

So instead of throwing me away, you can hand over me to another person who can use me with my defects or who can use me after rectification. I am a pair of shoes. If nobody puts me on, what is the use of my life? I can’t fit your foot. But I can fit the foot of others with the above change.

My shoes

Are you ready to hand over me to the right person who can use me happily? If you do it, you not only help yourself but also help me to fulfil our purposes of life. Have you not read how Helping is important for ourselves also? “

What do you learn?

If I see my shoes as someone who serves me, then my thoughts change at once. I believe that all of us think in this line. So, help him who serves you. Love him who cares for you.

Let's learn together

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