Peace of life : Continuous adjustment

Peace? Where are you?

How do you look like?

Can you help me to have you in my life?

How can I reach you?

Everyone asks these questions.

I also do.

Who does not want a peaceful life?

I also want it.

Everyone wants it.

The present post explores how to find it.

Depending on the nature of a deposit in our karmic account, we suffer a lot on every front. If we can adjust to such a situation in life in the right ways, we can have peace. So continuous adjustment helps to bring a peaceful life.

Adjustment: My case

Recently I bought a saree for my wife from Coimbatore. I took a snapshot of the saree, sent to Soma via WhatsApp who liked it and finally, I purchased the saree. Firstly I adjusted to the situation by sending WhatsApp message and lastly, Soma adjusted to like it. So peace prevailed.

“Come to the Shop floor immediately” My General Manager advised me over the phone on the last Sunday. I replied, “I am at Durgapur. So I can reach the shop floor only after one hour”. My General Manager said,” Ok. Do come after one hour”. Here first I adjusted and lastly my General Manager adjusted. No conflict.

I could have replied like this also, “I am at Durgapur. I can not go to the shop floor today”. It could have made my General Manager furious. I adjusted adequately and the mad moments did not arrive. So the key to peace in life is the continuous adjustment.

Other adjustments

If you don’t come from an industrial belt, then you find difficulty in adjusting in the work life of a steel plant. What are those difficulties? They include hot working conditions, rough and tough workforce and so on. If you want to improve your efficiency, then you must adjust and adjust. Otherwise, you will burn out.

Similarly, a proper adjustment in food habits, lifestyle, standard of living, relationships and physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing will certainly make a peaceful life.

More the adjustments in life, more peace in our lives.

Key to peace in life

  1. Be keen to adjust more
  2. Adjust more and more
  3. Do continuous adjustment.

“Life is a continuous process of adjustment.”



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