Find positive things in everything- Make a colorful life.

Find positive things. Focus on the positive. The relevant quote says,

“You cannot change reality, but you can control the manner in which you look at things. Your attitude is under your own control. Weed out the negative and focus on the positive!”
– Helen Steiner Rice.

Why to find positive things

Life is complex. It does not go well all the time. When it happens, then we tend to focus more on the negative side of the situation. We forget to look at the positive side. So, we feel very bad as well. In order to feel good, we must make a habit of focussing on the positive things of the situation. Once we make this habit, we will attract more positive situations in life. The incident at my office shows how I find positive things in a difficult situations.

How do I look at positive things

In my earlier office of shops, I used a separate toilet meant for all executives. So some privacy was there. My present office has a common toilet meant for all employees. It certainly does not make sure of any privacy or cleanliness.

I could not control my transfer, so I can’t change the conditions of the common toilet with its disadvantages. So I decided to use the toilets of the main project building that are away from my office. At some walking distances. I have to walk down to the toilets if I want to use them. They have some privacy and make sure better cleanliness. I don’t let the above issues get me down. Rather I find some positive things in it.

  • Some privacy and better cleanliness.
  • It ensures my regular walking within an interval. The present nature of the job involves sitting on a chair for long hours.
  • Ensure a change in my working conditions.
  • It helps me to come out of my comfort zone.
  • Going to the toilets several times offers me to talk to my friends and colleagues in the project building whom I meet on my way to the toilet. It lifts up my moods.

“I just want to focus on the positive things in my life.”

Davinia Taylor.

I also want to find the positive things and make a habit. You can read my post on positive thinking- Positive thinking – Key to growth in life

Call to action

So try to find positive things in everything. Positive things have beautiful colors. So, paint the canvas of your life with those colors. Make a colorful picture of your life. Live it as well as enjoy it fully.

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