Relax, focus and prepare for success

Relax, focus and prepare daily. Why?  Because they make a successful life. The story in this post confirms it.
As a matter of fact, my elder son used to do his homework just after returning from school. Moreover, he went to the field every day with his bat and ball at 4 PM daily. Everyone would be saying “Mainak is going to the field for playing. It is certainly 4 PM now”.

He used to follow the above routine in his school days at Asansol Ramakrishna Mission High School.
Mainak was then preparing for the annual examination of class 3. He prepared for Mathematics and went to the school for writing the first examination.

When he received the question paper, he came to know that he had to write for the Bengali examination, not Mathematics”. As he did not have an option, so, he wrote the examination. As a matter of fact, he did not check the routine of examinations.

After the declaration of results, we observed that he had scored the highest marks in Bengali.

Relax, focus and prepare for success: Analysis

Mainak did not put off doing his homework after his return from the school; rather, he had the “do it now” habit. So, he completed his homework every day just after returning from school. Why? Because he was then more awake and alert. As he was more awake and alert, So he did his homework at his peak.

He followed the saying of Benjamin Franklin, “Never leave till tomorrow which you can do today”. He enjoyed his daily hard work of study.

It helped him to get extra leisure time. So, he played and enjoyed cricket. It refreshed his body and mind. He followed these productive routines in his school days at Asansol. As a result, he remained always relaxed, focused and ready to face any challenge. Thus he was not at all perplexed when he received the question paper of Bengali. He wrote the Bengali examination very well and scored well.

Relax, focus and prepare yourself: Steps

  • Be responsible for every action.
  • Do not put off doing things.
  • Set your daily goal and time-frame.
  • Achieve your daily goal by hard work.
  • Exercise daily.
  • Enjoy the above activities.
  • Relax, focus  and prepare
  • Take action.
  • Live a fabulous life.

Those who have difficulty to relax, focus and prepare are less likely to succeed in life.

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