How to inspire workers to perform at their peak?

How to inspire workers to perform at their peak?

What really inspires them?

You, as the head of the department, must have thought of this question many times. You have certainly observed the ebb and flow of their inspiration. When it’s high, they work more; when it’s low, they work less. Right?

In your own way, you must have tried job rotation, recognition, training, setting goals and monitoring and so on to inspire your workers. Sometimes these tools work; sometimes they don’t. As a result, you sometimes succeed and sometimes fail.

Why does it happen?

The survey of Harvard Business Review will answer it. In that survey, the top Managers mostly pointed out the factors of motivation like recognition, incentives, interpersonal support, support for making progress, and clear goals. When all the above factors were evaluated,  The factor ‘recognition’ scored the highest.  So the best motivator of performance is progress.

When the workers feel that their efforts make progress in their jobs as well as when they receive support from his managers to remove their constraints, then they feel positive emotions. Then they feel good, engage themselves and hence drive to produce more. They perform at their peak on those days. The trick is to how to ignite the fire of their positive emotions. The top-ranking managers try these tips.

Tips to inspire

  • Be the source of positive emotions.
  • Support the workers to overcome constraints
  • Clarify their overall goals.
  • Don’t pressurize more to meet their goals.
  • Recognise each good effort or incremental progress of the workers.
  • Celebrate their achievement or progress.
  • Make a culture of learning opportunities and helpfulness.

In the end, you know what really motivates workers. You know also how they move forward to make progress in their jobs.

If you follow these tips, nobody can stop you to succeed to motivate them.


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