Take leave to regain your energy level.

Take leave. From your work-life as well as from your family life.

Why? Because you want to free up your stress.

Where do you get stress from? Certainly from your work-life as well as family life.

Life is not smooth. Stressful situations in your life test you how well you can handle your stress. They come from conflicts. They may come from overload and your high level of responsibility. Rough and tough working conditions of your work-life give more stress. These are a part of your life. You can’t avoid them. So stresses develop within you. These stresses consume your energy.

In order to regain your energy, you have to use some de-stressing techniques. Some of these techniques include exercise,yoga, meditation, listening to music and so on. Recently I along with my wife and son used one of these de-stressing techniques.

In my earlier post- My karma makes changes in my life, you have come to know my son will be going to his on site duty at Dhaka. So I took leave from my office. My wife said,” You can take leave. Why can’t I take leave? ” So both of us went to Noida to meet my son. He also took leave from his office. Three of us enjoyed. We went to the best mall in Noida and took lunch in the most popular restaurant in the mall.Enjoyment did not stop after lunch. We de-streed ourselves visiting the best book stall and different shops and stalls.

The pictures of our happy moments are given below.

Our happy moments

At the end of the day, we all regained our energy.

So why can’t you?


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