How to know and understand your colleagues?

How to know and understand your colleagues? Can you tell me? If you want the answer, then read this post?

Today I arranged an interaction among the employees of my office. It is about knowing your colleagues. You are now definitely thinking I am mad. Right? You are silently thinking, “We are working with our colleagues for a long time. Knowing each other is on my fingertips. Why know them further.” Yes, you must know them further. Why? Do you know everything about them? The present post will show you don’t know many things about them.

Know your colleagues?

Come to the interaction what I mention earlier. I started with an icebreaker. When I broke the ice, Then I said, “Everyone will talk about any of things like the turning point of their life, the luckiest moment or any good quality he is proud of or any facts unknown to others.”

The first employee talked about his skill in Indian classical music. He also added how he won medals.

Somebody talked about his dream and how he became an engineer. He also spoke about the turning point of his career.

The other spoke how he helped other patients during treatment of his father at the hospital. He also talked about how the relatives of other patients helped him when his father expired at the hospital. The others also revealed many surprising facts about them.

In the end, everyone came to know the unknown facts about his colleague. We all felt happy.


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