Like-minded friends enjoy every moment of life.

Like-minded means having similar tastes or opinions. Not to mention, your vibe attracts your tribe. Like-minded friends come to you as you match their vibes. They make perfect conditions where you can enjoy every moment; you feel happy around them.

I and Udhabda along with our families enjoyed such happy moments during our Murshidabad trip in the year 2011. Earlier also we enjoyed the Duars trip, Meghalaya Trip and Darjeeling-Kalimpong trip with the same vigour.

Like-minded two families at Mushidabad
Murshidabad Trip
Like-minded Friends at Meghalaya
Meghalaya Trip

Dhunuchi Dance along with drum beats is integral parts of Durga Puja. In the last Durga Puja, the young members of Evelyn Lodge club approached us to do Dhunuchi Dance in front of Durga Idol. Debu and Kajal, my two friends started dancing. Their dancing inspired me to play the drum to help their Dhunuchi Dance. When I started playing the drum, they danced with extra energy. The other members took part in the dance also. In a word, we all enjoyed the evening. This video will give you the flavour of enjoyment in that special evening.


To sum up, if you want to feel happy always, then make like-minded friends. Enjoy every moment of life.


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