Universal laws change our reality


Universal laws change our reality. But how do they do? The present story validates how the universal laws change our reality.

Once upon a time, a village boy loved reading books. He grew up in a typical village culture where the elders used to give advice, “He who studies hard rides car and horse.”

When his classmates and friends found out his passion for reading books, they helped him by lending or donating other textbooks to him.

He always ranked first in his classes. Although he studied in the Bengali medium, he translated the book of physical science into English in his eighth standard. Then he consulted with the concerned teacher and wrote the last examination of physical science in English.

This episode inspired his elder brother to buy new books written in English for him in the ninth standard.

When all the classmates were reading books in Bengali, he was struggling to study his books written in English.

This habit helped him to crack the Joint Entrance Examination and finally helped him to follow the teachers in his engineering classes. His passion for reading books continues. He has purchased many books. However, now, he quenches his thirst for reading by reading e-books available on the Internet. It’s the tale of mine.

Conformance of Universal laws

The critical analysis of this story tells us how the following universal laws conform
1. Law of attraction

We, human beings, are magnets with the power of magnetism of thoughts, feelings, words, and actions.
In the first case, my thoughts, feelings, words actions attracted my classmates and friends to me and made them lend or give other textbooks to me.
In the second case, the law helped my brother to buy books for me.
2, Cause and effect

“We reap what we sow.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson.

No events happen by chance. Every Cause has an effect. So reading books has effects too. Initially, reading books helped me to rank first in my classes. Finally, it helped me in cracking the Joint Entrance Examination, following my teachers, completing my B.Tech degree, and finally making a habit of reading books. You can check the effects of reading good books in Good habits : Achieving balanced life .

Universal laws and our learning points

  1. Believe in the above universal laws.
  2. Our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, words, actions create our reality and experiences.
  3. Let us have positive thoughts, positive beliefs, positive feelings, positive words, and positive actions to have positive experiences in our lives.


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