Feel good experiences move towards you.

Feel good experiences move towards you, when you feel good. Asking and receiving those experiences make our lives happier.

The Universe is abundant. Ask, believe, and you will receive what you want. When you want something earnestly with your thoughts and emotions, then you are bound to change your actions and behaviors to bring the desired outcome to you. In other words, the reality that manifests before you is the outcome of your thoughts and feelings. You can have ideas in this link http://www.mrfire.com/dr-joe-vitales-blog/ or my blog – How to receive gift of the Universe?

The present post validates these points.

Feel good feelings from the perspective of my wife

Two weeks before writing this, I was having a talk with my wife about our two sons. They live in Noida. We missed them a lot. She insisted, “Both of us must visit Noida where my two sons are staying at present.”

As I face the difficulty of getting leave in my office, so I wanted to know the exact reason for a visit. My said,” They are not purchasing any new items of clothing even when it is necessary. As a result, both are using the same items of clothing for a long period and are living as monsters.”

I asked, ” Why are they not purchasing? They are taking foods in posh restaurants, taking snaps of eating, and posting on Facebook. Why can’t they buy clothing?”

She replied with a heavy voice, ” They are not used to buy things on their own. They are missing us, So they asked when we will visit them. If we go there, we will feel nice.”.

Feel good feelings from my perspective

I did not feel right.

So I told her,” We have a few alternatives.”

The first alternative is: “My mother can’t stay alone at Asansol. She is very old and cannot go with us to Noida. Under these circumstances, Next Sunday, I am driving my car to my village, keep my mother there, and then we will go to Noida. How do you feel about that?”. As she did not feel okay, She did not agree.

The second option is: “I am looking after my mother and you can go to Noida alone and buy some items for them. How will you feel? Will it be okay with you?”  She replied, ” how can I go alone?”. She did not agree with that too.

The third alternative is: “You stay with my mother. I am going to Noida. But I will not buy clothing for them as they are entirely grown-ups. Is it okay with you? Quite obviously, she did not agree.

The fourth alternative is the best. It is: “Let them complete their jobs in hand, take leave and come to Asansol. Then we all can feel suitable, including my mother. Is not it?

My wife replied, “How can they come now? Anish may come after completing his summer internship. But Mainak can’t come. ” I replied, “OK. If he takes leave, he can come. Then how will you feel?” She replied, “Great.”

After that, we stopped discussing it. After two days. We came to know that both are coming on September 7, 2018.

Asking feel-good experiences – Analysis.

My wife was thinking hard about Mainak and Anish coming back and was very much excited to meet them. She had so much positive vibe as if they were physically present before her.

She did not feel good at the first alternative as it deprives my mother to receive care from her. As a result, this could disturb the happiness of the family.

The second alternative did not attract her as she was not feeling good to meet them alone.

Similarly, she did not feel good at the third alternative.

The second and third alternatives also could not make everyone happy at a time.

In the fourth alternative, as I was detailing the option clearly, she started visualizing the scene and started feeling good, when she came to know that only this option could make everyone happy at a time. This option made my wife feel the best.

When our intentions are strong, and we feel good or happy, then we send the good or happy vibes to the Universe. The Universe sends back these good vibes to our life in the form of comfortable and feels good experiences. The same thing happened to us.  Mainak and Anish came to Asansol on  September 7, 2018.

This is the secret to meet infinite numbers of feel-good experiences.


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