Finding life meaning brings meaningful life

Am I finding life meaning through writing? Can it bring a meaningful life? This thought appeared in my mind as I am writing this blog.

To me, finding life meaning refers to doing something that makes our lives worth living. We must welcome the activities that make our lives more fulfilling.

The failure to discover some meaningful purpose in our jobs makes them monotonous. The jobs pose as punishment for us. However, how to find such a meaningful purpose? How to make our work more meaningful?

Finding life meaning brings a meaningful life: Our work-life:

Let us explore it here in our work life.
Suppose I am a turner in the engineering shops of ISP, SAIL. I use lathe machine for making spare parts by turning. I have been doing it for the last ten years. The turning jobs no longer attract me.

Then what to do?
Let me see my turning jobs from a different perspective. I am doing these turning jobs for my customer departments. Firstly, I am helping them in minimising their breakdowns. In this way, I am helping ISP to earn a profit.

Finally, I am proud to contribute in profitability of ISP”   Now the jobs start to be more meaningful to me. Here I have aligned my purpose of turning with the broader purpose of my organisation –ISP.

 Finding life meaning  brings a meaningful life: Our personal life:

Similarly, we can find more meaningful purposes in our lives. Let us explore in my personal life.
I am writing this blog.
What is the purpose of my writing?
Obviously for sharing my life experiences or my life events and my learning points with other blog readers.
Am I enjoying writing? Am I excited to write blog posts? Does it energise me?
Certainly yes.
Is it offering a new challenge to me? Is it offering new ways of seeing the world?
Yes, it is offering. Blogging is indeed a new challenge to an engineer of an integrated steel Plant, like me. It is gradually enhancing my creativity. The diversified thoughts reflected in the posts of other blog writers are opening a new gate for entering a new world.
Are the contents of my blog perfectly in line with my values and beliefs?
Does writing release my day to day stress?
Am I trying to connect with the fellow bloggers?
Obviously yes.
This exploration clearly shows how I am gradually developing a hobby of passion for writing blog posts. Writing blog posts is adding meaning to my life.

The cause of finding life meaning

Life can exist without meaning. However, boredom prevails in life.
Life with meaning is worth living. Feel good feelings prevail.
Let us do finding life meaning
It brings a meaningful life


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