Aim to achieve a big goal to achieve more in life

Aim to achieve a big goal to achieve more in life. Let me tell you why?

How an aim for a big goal helped my son.

My younger son aimed to read in one of the IITs. So he made a goal to qualify for the Joint entrance examination of the Indian Institute of Technology. He prepared well for JEE ( Mains). If he could do well in it, he would be allowed to sit for JEE (Advanced). If he could qualify in it, he would have been eligible for admission in one of the IITs. You must have read here what problems he faced on the day before JEE (Mains).

The fact is when a candidate does well in it, he gets admitted to one of the NITs. Here NIT means the National Institute of Technology.  When he does well in JEE (Advanced), he gets admission in one of the IITs. Here IIT means the Indian Institute of Technology.

But what happened to the aim of my son? He qualified to sit for JEE (Advanced). But he could not do well in it. So he missed IIT. As he did well in JEE (Main), he took admission in NIT, Durgapur. Then he did his B.Tech in ECE. Here B.Tech means Bachelor of Technology, and ECE means Electronics and Communication Engineering. Right now, he is pursuing his Masters at Virginia Tech University, USA.

Analysis what my son aimed

When we analyze what he achieved against his goal, we will see that he aimed for IIT, he missed it. But he could reach and read at NIT, Durgapur. Finally, he is doing a master’s in the USA. Everyone knows when you aim for a big goal, you plan to focus all of your energy to achieve it. If you fail to reach there, it’s sure that you will get the next lower goal. In this case, of my son, it was NIT, Durgapur.

I must close here with this beautiful quote.

“I saw a star, I reached for it. I missed, so I accepted the sky”

― Scott Fortino.

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