Experience that I recollect from my work life taught me

Experience that I recollect from my work life taught me. Every experience, incident, or situation has something to teach us.

Let me explain it with the help of an experience that I recollect from my work life. It dates back to 1987. Then, I worked in Steel Foundry, Kulti Works, IISCO. It’s a public sector company. The incident happened at around 7 PM. The next day morning, I came to know it.

Experience  I recollect

One of the best melters of Steel Foundry was making heat in an electric arc furnace. Our HOD was eager to cut the cost of steelmaking. So he went to the shop floor and advised him to add Ferrosilicon and ferromanganese much less than the recommended quantity.

The melter told him that it would impair the quality of castings if poured in that liquid steel. But he did not listen to him. Why so? He was eager to cut the cost without knowing its effect on the quality of steel. He did not realize how entrapped oxygen could affect the quality of castings.

Finally, the melter followed the advice of HOD. The HOD forced him to pour liquid steel into the Moulds. Do you know what happened? The dissolved oxygen tried to come out when hot metal cooled. The result was swelling on the casting surface caused by entrapped gas. Since then, the HOD stopped to play with the process.

What we learned here.

  1. Process doesn’t care for any person. But it follows the standard guidelines.
  2. It’s better to know the process first, then go for cost control.
  3. Entrapped Oxygen is harmful to human health as well as casting health.
  4. Experience teaches us.
  5. Age no bar for learning.
  6. You can experiment more in the public sector. When you do so, the cost of the process goes up.


Many incidents and situations happen in our life. But each of them teaches us something. Once we learn those lessons, then we can enrich our experiences. Like us, you can also learn many things from life, provided you keep learning from it.


Let's learn together

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