Viruses of our minds infect our outside world

Viruses of our minds infect our outside world. Let me explain how and why.

What a dream I had last night! As if not a dream, it was a dream turning into a reality. It unfolds like this.
I didn’t know how I got up so refreshed in the morning. You understand that night of deep sleep with no dreams does so. But I don’t see how the last night’s sleep with dreams refreshed me. The point is not a deep or light sleep; it’s the refreshing effect that matters most to me. I think most of the readers will agree with me.
When I was looking outside, I feel the presence of a new morning of a new age. Everything looks fresh and exciting—unique like a newborn baby and exciting like a trip to Gurudongmar Lake, Sikkim.

Glimpses of my dream

I come out of my residence. When I walk into the pathways of the new surroundings, the flowers smile with their sparkling colors, freshen the air with their fragrances, and welcome me. The breeze cools down my body and then offers me pure air to take in. It whispers to my ears, “It’s pure with no viruses. So take long breaths.” Then I expressed my thought, ” The viruses have killed many of us. It’s still killing many more lives. How can they vanish overnight?”

Deam outlining viruses

Then I hear a voice from the sky.

It says,” Do you know how the viruses took birth? They came from the minds of humans. Now the minds are cleared off them. Once it happens so, they don’t spread in the air. Why so? What you think inside makes your reality. As the viruses have gone away from the thoughts, they have vanished from the air.”


Then I point out, ” So, now onwards, people will not hate, doubt, blame or criticize others. Even they will never feel stressed, angry, or anxious. Am I right? So 100% responsibility they will take.  Dear readers, you can read more here about responsibility. Besides, they will love and help others. Then the positivity will be the order of the day.  Dear readers, you can learn here how to stay positive.

Even now, I have some doubts to clear.  So I add, “Right now, will the politicians blame each other? Will they become honest?

Can I expect the doctors now to prescribe generic medicines?

Will, the big pharmaceutical companies, will think now for the lives of people, not for their profits?

Will women have the same rights as men have now?

Can we now treat different castes, creeds, and religions equally?”

The voice from the sky answered, “You are right. But you must change yourself, a radical change in attitude to maintain the world.”


Though I woke up from sleep and my dream broke, I didn’t miss the message. It’s quite clear now. Viruses of our minds infect our outside world. If we want to make our outer world virus-free, then we need to make our inner world virus free. So let’s join our hands to remove them from our minds. Once we do so, then our outer world will be a better world, where positivity will be the order of the day.

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