Don’t compare your sons with others- How I learnt

Don’t compare your sons with others. We learned this from my son through the story. It’s a funny way he taught us. If you read this post, you will come to know.


My younger son had a peculiar habit. He used to announce his score just after finishing his examination in his early school days. His mother used to accompany him. The students went to write the exam, whereas the guardians waited in the earmarked area. Why? Once the examination over, the guardians used to bring their respective child. Then what did my younger son do?

He would come out of the hall, go straight to his mother, and declare in the presence of all guardians,” Mom, I would score 100 out of 100 in mathematics.” Then he would calculate for five minutes and declare,” No, I would score 90.” In this way, after a few calculations, he would finally announce,” No, I would score 70.” As his mother knew his habit, so she would not react much.

When the headmaster would declare the results, then we would find him to score 70, not 100.

We would naturally ash him how others had scored. Then he would mention the names of classmates who had scored less than him. He would never say the names who had scored higher than his. You must have read this incident here.

After the incident, we never wanted to know the score of others from him.


Let me explain it now. The way my son told us about his and others’ scores shows how much he loved himself and how much positive approach he had.

How so?

When he declared that he would score 100, he was spreading positivity.

Again when he scored 70 and mentioned the names of batchmates scoring lower than his, his Self-love was clear. Yes, he could have scored 100. But he had scored 70. And he was very much satisfied with this score. So he loved himself as he was. He did not judge himself. We wanted to compare his ratings with others.

But when he informed about the others scoring lower than his, he again highlighted his positive side only.

Don’t compare your son with others.

He taught us, too, ” Never compare your son with others.” When you do so, it may impair his self-esteem.

So don’t compare your sons with others.

Don't compare



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