Core values of life- How to test yours

Core values, I love you so much. So I live with you. And you guide me. What are these values? They are the beliefs that help me to differentiate right from wrong.

My case

Earlier, some people warned me so many times. They said, ” In the modern age, no wrong things exist. Everything is right. People don’t give values to core values.”  Still, I live with you. I can not leave you.

So many hard days I have faced. Those days I needed money for my living. But hardship for money could not make my head down. I kept it high through you.

Let me tell you now why I have suffered a lot from you.

As I follow you, others start disliking me. Let me give an example.

I am very punctual in my duties. So I can not tolerate it when anyone comes late. When I appraise my colleagues for their late coming, they dislike me. So conflicts arise now and then.

Sometimes my life journey becomes difficult too. It had happened in my life so many times. I don’t blame others for it. The same things happen when I stay on the path of honesty too. So I don’t stand it when someone lies to me.

core values

But I know I can tackle them with ease if I live according to my core values. I take pride in it. These values make me ready to take suitable actions that may not satisfy others. They may not align with those of others. So the decisions I choose may upset others. You know life is full of choices. Once I live according to my core values, I make those decisions with ease. So I am at ease with my life.

It happens to everyone who strongly believes in his core values. So his values guide him in every sphere of life.

Case of many people

So many people don’t give importance to core values. So they make their living and live as they wish. No values guide them. So they tend to earn their living in unethical ways. Why? They like the wrong ways. So they don’t fit you.

The opposite is my case. I like ethical ways all the time. So I love you all the time and find my solace in you. I am comfortable with you. So I shall accompany you all the time on my life journey.No way I will repent.

How I feel about core values

To me, core values give me the feel of batting with a straight bat. When I bat with a straight bat, I feel comfortable. I am not satisfied with cross- batting. So I don’t use cross bat even I don’t score anything on the scoreboard. To put it differently, I don’t want to succeed in unethical ways. But I don’t hate people who use immoral means to achieve. I hate their ideas only.

How to test whether you care much for your core values

Pause for a moment. Be mindful of what is bothering you now. Suppose you want to achieve a goal. So you have taken some action. Does your activity bother you? If the answer is yes, then for sure, your move is not in line with your core values. If it’s no, then you care much for those values.

So if you want to live a comfortable life, then know your core values and live according to your core values.

“Open your arms to change but don’t let go of your values.”
― Dalai Lama XIV

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