Disliking something consumes your energy

Disliking something consumes your energy. Why am I saying so? When you read the post, you would come to know the reasons.

Moly- the wife of my friend always hates lizards. Now you can have an idea here.

disliking something

When she sees a lizard that moves out on the walls, fear grips her. As a result, adrenaline rushes through her brain. What will she do then? She will follow the lizard with a broom and a stick to drive it out. Finally, she will succeed in driving it out of her room.

Bunty- the son of my friend, knew about these bad habits of his mother. So, yesterday he thought to tease his mother at 11 PM. How did he tease her? He pointed his finger towards a lizard roaming on the walls and went to bed to sleep. Moly with her usual form and vigor fights with the lizard. The scene went like this: Bunty was sleeping peacefully on the couch, and Molly was chasing the lizard restlessly. Ultimately the lizard ran out of the room.

What she gained in return. She got irritated. So she lost her sleep. In the end, the lizard consumed all of her energy. It once again proves what we dislike consumes our power.

Disliking something- what happens

You expend energy in whatever you do. So paying attention to something spends your energy too. Moly does not like the sight of a lizard inside her bungalow.  So she at once has an adrenaline rush in her brain. She chases the lizard, gets tired, and becomes restless.
When we pay attention to what we do not like, we only waste our energy on fruitless activities.

So disliking something consumes your energy.

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