Learning points from pandemic outbreak

Learning points from the pandemic outbreak of coronavirus?  Yes, there are so many.

The whole world is now panic-stricken at the outbreak of new coronavirus. Why so? It’s unique with a high infection rate; no medicine, no vaccine is available now for treatment. As a result, it has spread to 210 countries very fast.

How does it behave? It does not differentiate, the poor as well as the rich. It does not distinguish child, young, and older people and instead infects all. Similarly, it does not differentiate any gender, religion, caste, or creed also. It behaved equally with a developed and developing country. In other words, it can spread to anyone or any state.

Learning points from corona, virus, pandemic
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The pandemic has killed more than one lakh forty thousand people in the world. Thousands and thousands of poor people in the world are starving due to lockdown and pandemic situations.
Moreover, fear and anxiety are creating mental problems in human minds. In a nutshell, the situation is bleak.

To slow down the infection rate, the lockdown, wearing masks, social distancing as well as time to time washing of hands, has become the order of the day.
The pandemic outbreak has exposed the weakness of the existing health care systems of countries. How to make up this weakness? Each state must give the topmost priority to the development of its health care systems. It has taught us many things. I give stress on these learning points.
• Give priority to health. Health is our primary need now.
• Follow the path of non- discrimination in all fields.
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