Last few days in college hostel – What I felt

The days I remember now

Took me to the last few days

of my engineering hostel.

Final year final examination over,

Days to stay in the hostel are over,

We can stay in the hostel no more.

I thought friends and I

Wouldn’t happen quickly to our college

In the days to come.

Our lives would take a crucial turn now.

So I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea

If I leave the hostel last.

Do you know why?

I could stay more in the hostel,

I could spend more time with my friends

So I could take fresh air from the green campus,

By the side of the river Ganges.

I could smell the sweetness

of my college and hostel more

So I could feel

theĀ happiness of friendship longer.

But what did it happen?

Last few days

When I bade goodbye

To my friends one by one,

then my happiness went missing from my heart;

So emotions filled my heart,

My eyes filled up with tears.

My idea gave no happiness.

It gave only bitterness.

I could not imagine leaving

Our friends could be so painful.

So I left the hostel, instead started my life journey

With such a sorry face and heavy mind.

Still, I remember those last few days.




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