Protect your territories of physical and mental health

Protect your territories of physical and mental health. Let me tell you why?

While I was doing my evening walk in our Evelyn Lodge campus, I saw a hoarding on the gate of waterworks. It displayed “Protected place. No entry without permission.” I walk regularly, but yesterday it caught my eye. I don’t know why? I thought of why it is protected. If everyone is allowed to enter it, what would happen? The pumps are running there. If someone quite ignorant about the roles of pumps and the importance of water supply drops something into the sump, the pumps may break down. In that case, the inhabitants of Evelyn lodge would cry for water.

Similarly, if you and I don’t take the necessary steps to protect our inner territories, we will face different problems. What are those territories? Who will enter there if we don’t protect them? What can they cause? Let’s discuss one by one.

How to protect the territory of physical health

Naturally, newborn babies have good health. Their mothers try to protect their health. When they don’t use sanitised spoons, hands, and clothes, then protection fails. So what? Then germs and bacteria enter their bodies. So they suffer from different problems like cough and cold, loose motion, vomiting, skin rashes, and so on. The mothers must protect their newborn babies.

When these babies grow, they don’t need the protection of their mothers. Slowly they become independent boys or girls. If those independent boys and girls don’t take care of their health, they face health issues in the long run. You must have seen boys who don’t play in their play-time. They either gossip or fiddle with their cell phones and stay alone and so on. Do they benefit? No, they become physically and mentally weak. So they can not protect the territory of physical health. What to do next to protect it? They must protect the following things.


Protect your food. How to do it?  always take as much as fresh and a portion of balanced food. Keep sweets, spicy, and fast foods away from your diet. Take as much as fruits, green salads, and protein. Moreover, take ten to twelve glasses of clean water at regular intervals.


Protect your sleep. Sleep for a minimum of six to seven hours daily. So get up early and go to bed soon at night. Avoid tea or coffee just before you sleep. why? These drinks disturb your  Don’t keep TV and computers in your bedroom.


Preserve the cleanliness of your body. But how? Wash your hands and faces, brush your teeth, take baths regularly, and so on. Wear clean clothes as well as keep your bedroom tidy. If necessary, use disinfected bedsheets, blankets, and pillow covers and shirts.

Air you breathe in

Use masks in polluted air. Make a habit of morning walk in a park full of green plants so that you can inhale comparatively fresh air. Do pranayamas to keep your lungs safe.

Blood circulation

Ensure blood circulates and reaches every cell of your body. Don’t sit on the chair for more than one hour. Walk as much as you can. Do exercises and pranayama.



The territory of mental health

If you observe the children, you will discover that they have a high energy level. Their level of motivation and creativity is very high. They don’t get tired and hide their emotions. When one child beats his playmate, he will either fight with his friend or cry out. If you love him, he will kiss you. But as they grow up in our civilized society, their parents, teachers, and community tend to condition their thoughts slowly. Such conditioning of thoughts can make them mentally strong or weak. You can read about of conditioning of thoughts here.

As adults, we must protect our territory of mental health. We can do so if we take care of a few of the following points


Keep vigil on your thoughts. Let me tell you why? You become what you think. So flood your mind with positive thoughts. Why so? It will bring positive feelings. Keep away from negativity. Because it brings negative feelings harmful to your mental health.  You may read my similar post here.

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If you think and think and do nothing, you will reach nowhere. Moreover, it may make you anxious. So always plan everything and take the necessary actions to implement your plan. The actions below protect you.

  • Exercise and meditate
  • Don’t mix with toxic people.
  • Forgive others
  • Help others.
  • Read books regularly
  • Give thanks
  • Smile and laugh more.
  • Praise others in public
  • Don’t blame others. Take responsibility.
  • Develop yourself and your subordinates.

Gratitude attitude


When you repeatedly do something, then you make a particular habit. Your habits make your character. So focus on acquiring only good habits. If you can do this, then you can drive out your bad habits.

“Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny.”
― Lao Tzu

Guard against bad habits.


Believe yourself. Never doubt your worth as well. You can follow the guidelines here. Take action to improve your self-esteem.  why so? When you make your self-esteem high, you protect your mental health.


Why you relate to your spouse, sons, daughters, colleagues, and society so on and how you maintain that relationships help you in your life. Do you know good relationships improve our life span? You can have some ideas here. 

So protect your relationships at any cost. The toxic people are waiting to inject toxins of negativity in you. So don’t let toxic people damage your relationship. You can read the quote here. Take every action to guard against doubt, jealousy, false ego to make the relationships bitter.

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Let’s protect our territories of physical and mental health




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